Caneadea, NY

Hume, NY

Rushford, NY

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Caneadea, Hume, and Rushford NY

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Dog Control Officer

Krista Chandler

Deputy Dog Control Officer


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  • All dogs 4 months and older must be licensed

  • Dogs must not be allowed to run at large

  • Dogs must not be allowed to be a nuisance or hazard 

  • Dogs must be given adequate housing, food, and water

***Each town may have additional local laws***

All Complaints must be submitted in writing:

Form Available Here

License Fees:

All Licenses must be renewed annually


$8 Spayed/Neutered

$16 Unspayed/Unneutered


$10 Spayed/Neutered

$18 Unspayed/Unneutered

** A late fee will be charged to any Owner who fails to renew any license

30 days late- $10, 60 days late- $60, 90+ Days Late- $90**


$8 Spayed/Neutered

$16 Unspayed/Unneutered

Full State Laws Can Be Viewed Here:

Article 7

Cruelty Laws:

Article 26

To report animal cruelty please contact Allegany County SPCA:

Cruelty Hotline Info



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